Democracy In Action —
Celebrating The Women Of The 116th Congress

My recently completed textile project is both an homage and a call to arms that celebrates the historic number of 131 brave and powerful women currently serving in the 116th Congress. These women, whatever their political views and personal values, have the courage to be seen, the courage to be heard, the courage to try to make a difference. 

The art is a collection of portraits designed as prayer flags that celebrate and honor each congresswoman, their values, and the multitude of issues they are contending with. Each portrait uses the official congressional photograph of each elected congresswoman.  Each photograph was used to produce a stencil which was then transfixed to a silk organza fabric and layered with other hand-dyed fabrics and stitched and embellished with multicolor threads, buttons, and beads. The textile portraits are each approximately 16” x 18” and altogether fill wall space of about 300 square feet.

U.S. Senate – 25 (17D, 8R)
U.S. House of Representatives – 102 (89D, 13R), plus 4 (2D, 2R) Delegates

Links and the rest of the women coming soon.

Martha Roby (R) AL

Terri Sewell (D) AL

Amata Radewagen (R) AS

Ann Kirkpatrick (D) AZ